Accidentally Free Pizza Is The Best Pizza

, , , | Working | December 10, 2020

It’s a big football weekend (pre-pandemic) and my friend is celebrating a milestone birthday. I’m the only person who’s still sober at this point in the party, so when pizza is suggested, I volunteer to collect it to save a few dollars on delivery in order to get enough food for everyone. I place the order, walk around and collect the payment of approximately $10 per person, and grab one slightly-less-drunk friend to help me carry the food. Then, we head off for the fifteen-minute drive to the shop.

We arrive as the pizzas are being boxed up, so I head up to the counter.

This is where everything goes wrong.

The young man behind the counter tries to hand me the huge stack of pizzas, garlic bread, and chicken wings, as the person behind me gets bumped by the crowd. He bumps me and I step aside, dropping two of the garlic breads on the floor. My friend grabs them and we get jostled into the corner. I think we’re missing a pizza, but the worker has the receipt, so I attempt to call over everyone’s heads and catch the eye of the people working, but no dice. The young man who handed me the pizzas is avoiding eye contact with me and nobody else can hear me over the noise.

Friend: “Let’s just take the pizzas to the car before we get squashed.”

We squeeze along the wall and get outside. At this point, we’ve figured out that we’re only short one garlic bread, so we decide to cut our losses and head home.

I pull out onto the main road and realise there’s a crunching sensation in my pocket; I never handed them the payment! We drive home, drop off the pizzas, and I attempt to call them. I’m out on hold for over ten minutes, the line cuts out, and I call back. Same problem again.

So, I drive down to the store. This is now forty-five minutes out of my friend’s party that I’ve spent driving around for pizzas. I try to get back to the counter. It’s wall-to-wall people and there are about two dozen standing outside. I attempt to get inside, am met with dirty looks, and am finally shoved back out the door.

Customer: “Wait your turn!”

In the end, I went back and sent an email to the head office saying what happened. Then I returned the cash to everyone at the party and started drinking.

I never heard back from the pizza company, so either they don’t read their emails or they didn’t care.

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