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Accident Prone People Should Rethink Being Jugglers

, , , , | Working | November 8, 2021

I’m watching a juggler on stage at an outdoor fair. He’s doing some very impressive tricks, never missing once.

Juggler: “I hope I don’t screw this next part up. After all, I just had laser eye surgery this week and I can’t see very well.”

The audience laughs. The juggler then proceeds to build a rickety tower out of chairs and other objects, precariously balancing while still juggling.

Juggler: “I hope I don’t slip. I spilled hot cooking oil on my feet yesterday and they still really hurt!”

The audience laughs again.

After he’s done, I stay on my bench, waiting for the next musical act. Most of the audience leaves, and then other people start arriving. I’m surprised to see the juggler sit down next to me. He takes out a bottle of eye drops and begins treating himself.

Juggler: “Excuse me for doing this here, but I just had laser surgery this week.”

A few minutes later, he removes his shoes. His feet are swathed in bandages.

Juggler: “I hope you don’t mind. I spilled some hot cooking oil on myself yesterday and my feet really hurt.”

I thought he’d just been kidding around with the audience, but apparently, he really was pushing through the pain!

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