Accepting A Charge With The Battery

| Working | July 17, 2015

(My friend jumped my dead battery last night so I could get home, and suggested I go to a local car parts place that’s known for testing car parts. It’s been raining but it’s really just a drizzle at the moment I’m there and have it checked.)

Car Parts Dude: “It’s not saying your battery is dead. It’s saying it needs a charge. The starter and alternator are fine. A full battery charge takes around three hours.”

Me: “Okay, let me check with my friend. I think he has a charger.”

(I text my friend, who advises me that a charge isn’t the way to go because the battery will just die again. So, I tell the dude I want to buy a battery. I’ve seen the huge signs outside that read FREE BATTERY INSTALLATION with purchase.)

Car Parts Dude: “I’m sorry, but company policy says we can’t work on cars when it’s raining.”

(I text my friend again and he reminds me of another car place — one with service bays — less than 200 yards away. I drive over there.)

Car Service Guy: “So, what brings you in?”

Me: “My battery’s dying, and I would like to get a new one. I was just up the street to have it tested, and they said they can’t install it for me because it’s raining.”

Car Service Guy: *blinks and shakes his head* “Okay, then.”

(Thank you to the car service place! I know I paid an installation fee with you, but it was worth getting taken care of today!)

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