Accept The Brunt Of The Order Or Be Weyounded

| Friendly | January 13, 2016

(I’ve been a fan of science fiction, horror, etc. for a long time and a Star Trek fan since the original series. As time went on, Deep Space Nine became my favorite of all the Treks. One of the recurring actors on the show had done a lot of Lovecraft based movies as well. A couple came through my line at the supermarket I worked at. The wife had on a Myskatonic University sweatshirt on.)

Me: “I wonder how many people mistake that for a real university.”

(We laugh and they spot the communicator pin I have on my work vest. We chat about the latest episode as I ring them up. As they finish loading their cart with the bags, I pull my vest to one side to reveal the Cardassian Union pin I have on my shirt.)

Me: “Oh, and your activities will be reported to the Obsidian Order.”

(They leave, laughing. About a week or so later, they are back in the store, but go through another line. After they were done, the husband comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder.)

Customer #1: “And your activities have been reported to Starfleet Command.”

(We all crack up as they leave. Made an otherwise boring day much better.)

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