Accenting That Bad Behavior

| Friendly | May 23, 2017

(I decided to go pick up some snacks at a new store where things only sell for a dollar. While I’m putting my items up to check out, there is a woman waiting for her card to go through, and is talking about the accent of the cashier, who is from Tennessee. It’s a bit important to note that while I have always lived in Maine all my life, and have the accent, I have picked up both my mother’s Southern accent, and my grandfather’s New York accent, giving me a slightly unique accent.)

Cashier: “I met him on [3D chat program].”

Customer: “Did you really?”

Me: “Oh, I used to play on that.”

Customer: “You too! You have an accent! Where are you from?”

Me: “Me? Right here in Maine.”

Customer: “You can’t be.”

Me: *laughs* “I am!”

Customer: “You are not. You do not have that accent!”

Cashier: “Um, she does… actually.”

Me: “I do, and I have lived here all my life. If it helps any my mother is from the South and my grandfather is from New York. I pick up accents really easily.”

Customer: *gasps* “You mean you’re a child of incest!?”

Me: “HOW did you even make that jump, lady?! My father is from here in Maine!”

Customer: *glares*

Cashier: “It went through. Here’s your receipt… Yikes.”

Customer: *she leaves and drags her embarrassed daughters with her*

Me: “Seriously… is my accent that weird?”

Cashier: “Not at all. Actually, I think it’s pretty. It’s neat how you picked up on a few different accents.”

Me: “Sometimes it’s a curse.”

(When I left, I saw the woman still glaring at me. Lady, I can’t help that I have a accent. I’ve been told before that my accent is different, but never has anyone made a jump like that before!)

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