Abstain From Bad Spelling

| Romantic | August 1, 2013

(It’s my birthday, and my husband is very kindly making me one of my favorite dishes. I’m in the kitchen watching him without helping, because he’s told me repeatedly that I’m not supposed to be doing any work on my birthday. I’m an English Major, but I haven’t kept up on my writing due to getting very burnt out during college.)

Husband: “Honey, can you get me three eggs?”

Me: “I thought I wasn’t supposed to be doing anything because it’s my birthday?”

Husband: “Oh. Fine, well, I guess I’ll get them then.”

(My husband walks to the fridge, then pauses to look at our note board.)

Husband: “You know what? While I’m over here, this has been bothering me. I’m just going to fix this.”

(My husband gets an eraser and wipes away one of my notes. I had written ‘Pick up PERscription’, and he corrects it to ‘Pick up Prescription’.)

Me: “…really? You’re going to correct that right in front of me?”

Husband: “Yup!”

Me: “On my birthday?”

Husband: “Yes! As for me and my house, we shall practice correct spelling!”

Me: “…and apparently, abstinence.”

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