Abreast Of Your Forgiving Nature

| Learning | January 30, 2016

(There is a group of three students that are talking among themselves during the lecture.)

Teacher: “You, the three ones talking.”

Students: “…”

Teacher: “Don’t act like you don’t know who you are: the one with the green hoodie and the two next to him.”

Students: “Yes?”

Teacher: “You have been talking too loud, so you have two options now. You can either stand up, and strike your breast three times asking the class for forgiveness, or leave.”

Students: “You can’t be serious.”

Teacher: “I’m dead serious. Choose fast.”

Students: *standing up and striking their chest* “We are sorry. We won’t speak in class again.”

Teacher: “You don’t sound sincere. Again.”

Students: *striking their chest again* “We are very sorry. We won’t speak in class again.”

Teacher: “That’s more like it. Sit down and be quiet.”

(After that the teacher resumed the lesson as if nothing had happened.)

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