About To Start The Game Of Life

| Scarborough, ME, USA | Romantic | May 12, 2017

(My fiancé and I are long distance while I finish the visa process so I can move down and be with him. We’re both very excited to be getting married soon. It’s also worth nothing we’re both huge nerds and game collectors and he’s very notorious for spending his extra money on eBay game lots. He also owns over a thousand games with the intention of playing them all someday and I’ve also been eyeing his collection. At the time this happens, I am visiting him.)

Fiancé: *walks over to me, completely serious* “Wanna marry me and have a productive life together?”

(I look at him, then look at the shelves that are CRAMMED with games, and we both burst into laughter. Once I catch my breath, I face him.)

Fiancé: “I had to try.”

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