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About To Start A Star Trek Time War, Part 2

| Related | January 14, 2014

(My mother is a huge geek, having started with the original ‘Star Trek.’ My brother and sister take after her. I take after Dad; we’re more about adventure and action media. The other three will often talk about geeky stuff just to annoy us, until finally, we have enough!)

Brother: “Hey, the new Star Trek comes out next month!”

Sister: “Ooh! We should totally go see the midnight viewing!”

Mom: “Sure, although we’ll have to find something for your sister and your dad to watch.”

Sister: “Yeah. Maybe we can find car explosions for the regular people!”

Me: “Okay, guys. I may not be the expert on everything, but I do know why you shouldn’t look away from a Weeping Angel, that Klingons hate Tribbles and Tribbles hate Klingons, the thirteenth colony is Earth, and the Bothans died bringing the Death Star plans to the Jedi!”

(All three are staring at me in shock. Dad chooses this exact moment to speak up.)

Dad: “Majel Barrett is known as the First Lady of Star Trek as she played a character in every single series, including the original pilot ‘The Cage’ as the first Number One!”

(They never teased us after that.)

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