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About To Pop Over A Tart

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I work in a large retail store and I am stationed to work at the online grocery pickup area. I’m currently doing store returns as my department is full and I’m not needed. A man approaches me and asked if I can help him find a certain flavor of Pop-Tarts. I show him to the correct aisle and search, only to find that we are currently out of stock of that flavor due to its popularity.

Me: “Looks like we’re out of that flavor, sir. I’m terribly sorry.”

The guy scoffs and turns a bit red.

Customer: “Well, can’t you look in the back?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, I have neither the authority nor allowability to do that.”

The guy starts gritting his teeth.

Customer: “I need them!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but due to the high demand of those—”

Customer: *Interrupting* “Look, I don’t care. I need those Pop-Tarts. He needs them or else he’s gonna have a total meltdown!” *Points behind him*

I look behind him to see another man standing with a cart. The other man clearly has a disability and seems to be oblivious; he’s wearing headphones. I didn’t notice him until now.

Me: “That is beside the point, sir. There is no possible way I can get you those Pop-Tarts. I am not allowed to; no one is allowed to.”

Customer: “What do you mean?!”

Me: “Sir, please calm down. No one that works on the store floor is allowed to. The only people who can do that are the nighttime restockers. and they are not available.”

The guy sighs. I can see the steam releasing from his ears; he knows that he has lost this “fight”.

Customer: “Fine, then, but if he breaks anything or hurts anyone, it’s not my fault.”

He and the other guy walked away. I happily don’t work in retail anymore. That was one of the many reasons why I quit.

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