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| Mount Vernon, OH, USA | Right | March 21, 2011

Me: “Good afternoon. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah. I was wondering how I can delete stuff from my trash bin?”

Me: “That’s an easy fix. Just right click on the icon, and click ’empty recycling bin’. Got that?”

Customer: *clicking noise* “Okay. Now, how do I get them back?”

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  • shileka

    The same way as you do brain cells sir


    • Naomi Gill

      Well, since the data was just deleted, it would be possible. It’d just take more intelligence than the customer probably has and he probably wouldn’t get all of it.

      • shileka

        Deleting from the thrash can is usually a pretty permanent thing, i heard of computer experts working for the police who sometimes can recover data but it’s never much to work with, if some of his stuff was recoverable ot’s likely beyond repair

        • Naomi Gill

          Only if your deletion process includes wiping the drive. The data is all still there, it’s just inaccessible by normal means. Speaking from personal experience.

          • shileka

            Ah, i see, well either way my initial coment stands, to that guy the data is lost

  • Tanja

    OP, that’s on you. You should know as a tech support, that clients are stupid, and tell them at advance, that the stuff will be permanently gone