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About To Have A Row About The Row

, , , , | Friendly | September 20, 2019

(My wife and I are in our seats, waiting for a concert to start. In the defense of the person in the “wrong” here, this particular venue didn’t label each individual row, so it can be confusing.)

Man: “Excuse me. I think you’re sitting in our seats.”

Woman: “No, we’re not.”

Man: “Um, yes, you are.”

Woman: “No, we’re not.”

Man: “Okay, um, can we see your tickets?”

Woman: “Sure. See? We’re in row 22, seats 1 and 2.”

Man: “But this is row 24.”

Woman: “No, it’s not. See–” *pointing to the row ahead* “–23.”

Man: “Right. That’s 21, that’s 23, so this would be 24.”

Woman: “Oh, my gosh, you’re right. I am so sorry. Oh, no. I am my mother’s daughter.”

(During the concert, the performer actually comes down the aisle and sings right in people’s faces. He even pretends to take the hat of the person in row 22 and sings to her for a bit.)

Friend: “Good thing you sat in the right spot.”

Woman: “Ha, yeah, it sure is.”

(We looked back at the man in row 24. He wasn’t laughing.)

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