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About To Get Biblical Over This

| Working | August 9, 2016

(I worked in an office building where you have to show your photo ID badge to a security guard to get in. If badges are misplaced, as happens often, people will turn them in at the security desk for the owner to claim. One day my badge falls out of my pocket. At the end of my shift I go to security to retrieve it.)

Me: “Hi. I want to see if anyone turned in my badge. My name is Rebekah [Last Name].”

Security Guard: “Nope. Nothing with that name has been turned in.”

Me: *happening to glance down at stack of turned in badges* “Excuse me, but that’s my badge right there.”

Security Guard: *picks up badge and looks at it* “You said your name was Rebekah. That’s not what that name says!”

Me: *taken back* “I can assure you that’s my name. My parents just spelled it the original, Biblical way instead of the Americanized version, but it’s pronounced the same.”

Security Guard: “That does NOT say Rebekah!”

Me: “It even has my picture on it! That’s been my name my entire life. I’m pretty sure how it’s pronounced!”

Security Guard: *glares at me*

Me: “Look!” *I hand him another form of ID* “See? That is my name and that is the way it is spelled. Now may I please have my badge back?”

(The guard suspiciously hands me my badge back. As I’m walking away he calls after me.)

Security Guard: “But that doesn’t say Rebekah!”

(It should be noted that when I received my first paycheck from this company they made it out to “Rebecca” and I had to make them reissue it when my bank refused to cash it.)

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