About To Be Charged With Free Battery

, , , | Right | May 1, 2020

Our business replaces watch batteries for $10 including replacement; this is the cheapest rate in the tri-city area. Some people try to get around this charge by using watch knives and buying their own batteries, but they realize they can’t get the back of the watch back on without tools costing hundreds of dollars. They usually come in saying the back fell off, and we put it back on for free, just once.

One bad customer has begun abusing this privilege.

Customer: “Hello. I was wondering how much it costs for a watch battery replacement?”

Me: “$10.”

Customer: “Okay, but what if I brought you the battery?”

Me: “$10.”

Customer: “Okay, but what if I take the watch back off and put in the battery?”

Me: “$10.”

Customer: “That’s stupid! I’m doing most of the work and supplying the battery!”

Me: “And we’re the ones with the expensive tools and the experience to use them, and the ones taking the risk if the watch breaks. It’s $10.”

Customer: “But it’s going to take only five minutes!”

Me: “How much do you think we should charge?”

Customer: “You should do it for free!”

He’s not allowed in the store anymore.

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