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“About That…” Never Precedes Anything Good

, , , , | Right | July 2, 2022

I designed, programmed, and uploaded a shop site for a client. In addition, I edited all her image files, edited her text, created animations, searched stock images, and put up with her midnight idea changes. All of this was done at a discount because she was a family friend.

Then, for six months after the site was complete and uploaded, I tried to collect payment. She ignored my attempts. So I removed the main page. She finally responded to the last invoice I sent.

Client: “Why did you remove my site?”

Me: “Because you have ignored my past attempts of contacting you for payment for my work.”

Client: “Oh, well… about that. I didn’t think I should pay you for this site.”

Me: “Why?”

Client: “Well, after about a week, I didn’t receive any customers or traffic to the site. I don’t think you did your job very well if it can’t instantly grab the attention of the public and bring them to my site.”

Me: “Then why do you still want the site?”

She ended up paying me to get the site put back up. 

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