About A Fifty-Twenty Chance Of Working Again

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(I’m working at a popular discount retail store on a busy Saturday. I am a front end supervisor and my line is currently going to the back of the store. I call the next customer and she comes forward with very few things.)

Me: “Hi! How are you doing?” 

Customer: “Fine.”

(I ring up her two items.) 

Me: “That will be $6.75!” 

Customer: *hands me a ten-dollar bill*

Me: “$3.25 is your change! have a great day!” 

(The customer happily walks off as I call the next customer. After a few customers, she comes back, awkwardly staring at me.) 

Me: “Was there a problem?”

Customer: “I gave you a twenty; you didn’t give me ten dollars back.”

Me: “I can reassure you that you gave me a ten-dollar bill, ma’am.” 

(The customer starts violently shaking her head “no.” I call a manager and they are unable to get into the security cameras at the time. I am given the okay to give her the supposed ten dollars out of my till. The following day I am notified my register till was short ten dollars. The same lady comes up to my register to purchase more items.) 

Me: “How are you doing?”

Customer: “Fine.”

(I ring up her four items in total.)

Me: “That will be $47.74.” 

(The customer hands me a fifty-dollar bill, and I politely flash it in front of her.) 

Me: “Okay, so, out of $50?!”

Customer: “I obviously gave you a $50, so, yes!”

Me: “Oh, I was just making sure you understood what you gave me! The other day when you checked out, you said you gave me a twenty-dollar bill when you actually gave me a ten-dollar bill! My till was ten dollars short, so I was written up the next day!” 

Customer: “I need to speak to someone that is in charge.”

(I politely point to my “Front End Supervisor” name tag.)

Me: “That would be me!” 

(She ended up storming off in anger and didn’t return for several weeks.)

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