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A Worrying Sine

| Romantic | September 9, 2013

(My boyfriend starts texting me while he is at work.)

Boyfriend: “<3 x fifty seven and half point three. Wait, that doesn't make sense!" Me: “A half and a decimal? Drat, you win, for now. You broke math!”

Boyfriend: “Stop making me laugh at numbers.”

Me: “Don’t laugh at the numbers! They have enough problems to deal with already!” *wink-wink nudge-nudge*

Boyfriend: “Oh, God, here we go. You’re always up to SUM-thing.”

Me: “Listen, we should just stop now. I don’t want these puns to DIVIDE us.”

Boyfriend: “No pi jokes! I called it!”

Me: “You’re such a square!”

Boyfriend: “Stop being so angular!”

Me: “That’s irrational! I’m acute!”

Boyfriend: “You’re not making any sense; don’t be obtuse!”

Me: “Stop with your tangent! Can we just get to the square root of things, please?”

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