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A Worrying Focus On Poop

| Learning | December 18, 2015

Daughter: “Umph! I need to do ‘five rules that apply on the beach’ for an assignment. What can I do? There are no rules on the beach… except no pooping in the water.”

Me: “Well, if it is like you say, then it’s a rule.”

Daughter: “Really? *writes ‘IT IS FORBIDDEN TO POOP IN THE WATER’ on the notebook* “What else?”

Me: “Well, imagine you’re playing on the beach and scooping sand, and you scoop up a big dog poo…”

Daughter: “Yuck.”

Me: “So what rule would you write about…”

Daughter: “I KNOW, I KNOW!” *scribbling frantically on the notebook* “IT IS FORBIDDEN TO BURY YOUR DOG UNDER THE SAND!”

(Her assignment hasn’t been graded yet. I can’t wait…)

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