A Woman’s Gotta Do

| Friendly | December 17, 2014

(I’m a big Dr. Horrible fan, so I dressed up as Dr. Horrible for ComicCon even though I am female. I worked for months on my costume to get it just right, even making my own lab coat since none of the ones I could find had the right button configuration. My brother is with me and dressed as Captain Hammer.)

Rude Guy: “Ugh, I’m sick of all these fake nerd girls! Look at this chick; she probably doesn’t even know who she is supposed to be. Bet she’s just dressed like that to impress that guy!”

(I’m seeing red at this point and whip around, getting right in his face.)

Me: “Okay, one: I’m happily married. Two: ‘That guy’ is my brother. And three—” *in rapid fire singing:*

“This appeared as a moral dilemma, ’cause at first it was weird, though I swore to eliminate the worst of the plague that devoured humanity. It’s true I was vague on the ‘How’ so how can it be that you have shown me the light?

It’s a brand new day and the sun is high

All the birds are singing that you’re gonna die

How I hesitated, now I wonder why!

It’s a brand new day!”

Rude Guy: *looking rather shell shocked* “Huh?”

Me: “Seriously? You accuse me of being a fake geek and not knowing who I’m dressed as, yet you don’t even recognize one of the songs from Dr. Horrible?”

Rude Guy: “Well, you said it so fast! How could I recognized it?”

(I pull out my phone and bring up the song in question, playing the first verse.)

Me: “Because it’s a fast song. If anything, I was a little slow. Idiot.               ”

(As I turned to storm away, I heard the rude guy’s friend yell ‘Pwned!’ as the crowd laughed.)

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