A Wise Decision

, , , , | Working | October 12, 2020

My coworker and I are going out for lunch. I’m twenty-one and she’s twenty-two. It should be noted that while I’m quite tall, I have very little figure and a baby face and am often confused for being a young teen. It doesn’t bother me; I’m used to it, and as long as people aren’t jerks about it, I find it funny.

We stop on the way to admire the work being done by some landscapers and strike up a conversation with one of them. After a few minutes:

Landscaper: “So, are you two mother and daughter?”

Coworker & Me: *Laughing* “No, not at all.”

Me: “How old do you think I am?”

Landscaper: “Well, I thought you were twelve or so, but I guess I’m wrong.”

We laugh some more about it.

Coworker: *Suddenly stops laughing* “Wait, if you thought she was twelve, how old would that make me?”

Landscaper: *Long pause* “I think I’d better get back to work. Have a good day, ladies.”

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