A Winning Race Card

| Working | October 6, 2014

(My manager is very easily angered, and the slightest thing will set him off. While helping him with lifting a heavy object, I accidentally drop my side, but no significant damage has occurred.)

Manager: “Godd***it, what did you do that for? You can’t just drop it like that! You’re like a bull in a china shop!”

(The last thing he said resonated with me really well. I am fully aware of the expression, but I happen to be Asian, so I decide to have fun with him.)

Me: “What the h*** do you mean, CHINA shop?”

Manager: *nervously* “It’s just a saying; I say that to everyone all the time! You’re like an angry bull in a… fancy store.”

(I kind of felt bad about pulling the “race card” at work like that, but he has been a lot nicer to everyone since!)

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