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A Wild Generation Gap Appears

| Friendly | June 17, 2014

(My friend and I have just got on the train and sat down when an entire primary school class fills up our carriage, some of them sitting in the empty seats next to us.)

Friend: “I’m gonna ask them about stuff we used to like when we were their age and see what’s still relevant.”

Me: “Yeah, cool.”

Friend: “Hey, what kind of TV shows and stuff do you guys watch? Have you heard of things like Rugrats?”

Kids: *shaking heads, confused stares*

Friend: “Uh… That’s So Raven?”

Kids: “What?”


Kids:Pokémon? That’s for little kids!”

Friend: “You really think so?”

Kids: “Yeah, it’s for babies.”

Friend: “We play Pokémon.”

Kids: “You play baby games then.”

Me: “How old are you?”

(The kids state ages between 7-10.)

Me: “[Friend], how old are you?”

Friend: “16.”

Me: “I’m 16, too. Do you play Pokémon?”

Friend: “Yes, I do play Pokémon.”

Me: “I also play Pokémon. Do you guys play Pokémon?”

Kids: “No!”

Me: “So by that information, it looks like not playing Pokémon is for little kids.”

Friend: “Can’t argue with that logic.”

One Kid: “Yeah, well… you’re a doinky face!”

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