A Whole World Of Misdials

| Friendly | October 11, 2016

(The year is 1981. AT&T is still an intact phone monopoly and I am in college. For calling home, I use a card to assign the billing to my parents’ phone. In the middle of the day, I need to call my parents for just a minute for some vital information. I pick up the phone, hear the dial tone and push 0. Nothing happens. I push it again and get what I expect. I continue dialing the number. The phone rings and is answered:)

Caller: *sleepy voice in what seems to be a British accent* “‘ello?”

Me: “Oh! Sorry! I think I have a wrong number.”

Caller: “No worries, mate.”

(I hung up quite bewildered. I know my own home phone number. I try the whole process all over and get ahold of my mom. Jump ahead a month to yet another call home.)

Me: “Hi, dad!”

Dad: “What is this with a $10 charge for a call to Sydney, Australia?”

Me: “Uh-oh!”

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