A Welcoming Heart-Warming During A Heatwave

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For my freshman year and first half of my sophomore year of high school, our campus has no air conditioning save for two rooms: the auditorium and one staff office. We have a few unusually hot, humid days near the start of my freshman year. The temperatures climb high enough that a lot of sports games are canceled and even classes let out for a few days. We receive emails about keeping cool and staying hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion.

One afternoon, I’m sitting in my art class when, out of nowhere, an ice cream truck jingle plays over the loudspeaker. We students look at each other in confusion for a few seconds before an upperclassman wheels a school lunch cart through the classroom door… stacked high with boxes of popsicles.

Upperclassmen were going around the school, distributing carts full of popsicles to every class so we could cool down a little bit. I have no idea how they set up the music over the loudspeaker, but it was certainly a good way to weather a hot day.

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