A Wayward Adventure

| Romantic | September 7, 2012

(My boyfriend has a very interesting way of telling me we are lost when he is driving.)

Me: “We are meeting them at the mall, so we have to make a u-turn.”

Boyfriend: “Okay. Since the freeway is backed up, I’ll take local way.”

Me: “Are you sure you know where you are going?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah. My siblings and I used to take the bus to the mall all the time. I’ll take that route.”

Me: “Okay, then.”

(15 minutes later…)

Me: “Honey… this isn’t the right mall.”

(The car is silent as we drive around for another 10 minutes.)

Boyfriend: “Honey… guess what?”

Me: “What?”

Boyfriend: “ADVENTURE TIME!”

Me: “Ah, f***.”

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