A Wait-And-Decency Attitude

| Working | June 11, 2013

(I’m at a fast food restaurant fairly late at night, so it’s not busy at all. I’m waiting inside for a friend to show up.)

Cashier: “You waiting for someone?”

Me: “Ha, yeah. He was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago though, so I’m pretty sure he forgot.”

Cashier: *cheerfully* “Well, if you need someone to sit with, we’ll join you!”

Me: “Oh, well thanks!”

(I continue to wait.)

Cashier: “Do you want a drink while you wait?”

Me: “Really? Wow, thanks!”

(I get my drink and continue waiting. Finally, I get a text saying my friend isn’t coming.)

Me: “Turns out he’s not coming, so I’ll just have a to-go order, please.”

Cashier: “Oh, no! Are you serious? I’m so sorry!”

(He rings up my order, which comes to $4.23.)

Me: “I have only three dollars, so I’ll have to give you the rest in quarters.”

Cashier: “Oh, don’t even worry about it. Have a good night!”

Me: “Gosh, thanks!”

(His kindness made the wait all worth it.)

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