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A Vicious Bicycle Of Reasoning

, , , , | Friendly | December 4, 2019

(I ride my bike to school and home every day. One day, I’ve just left school and I’m riding on the road past the crowds of other students walking on the sidewalk. My high school is located on top of a hill, so I’m going at a pretty good clip when another student turns and, without looking, steps directly in front of me. I have no time to brake or swerve, and I plow right into him. We both get up, fortunately uninjured, and get onto the sidewalk.)

Me: “What the h***, man?! Why didn’t you look before you tried to cross the street?!”

Student: “Oh, sorry. I didn’t hear any cars coming so I thought it was safe to cross.”

Me: “Oh, sure, that makes sense.”

Student: “Really?”

Me: “Of course not! You just got creamed by a bicycle! Look both ways next time!”

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