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A Very Testing Grocery Run

, , , , , | Right | February 2, 2021

I am working as a cashier in a city centre supermarket with two entrance and exits and two sets of tills at either end of the shop.

I’m the only one manning the quiet end during a particularly quiet shift when a blonde woman in her twenties rushes up to me, places a pregnancy test on the till, pays, stuffs the box into her handbag, and rushes off back into the shop.

I don’t give it too much thought until a short while later when she returns, this time arm in arm with a similarly-aged man with a full shopping trolley. She gives me a brief warning look as her boyfriend starts loading the shopping onto the belt. Guessing that the boyfriend doesn’t know about the pregnancy test, I don’t say anything and carry on as normal, scan their shopping, and watch them walk out the door.

I don’t recall seeing either of them again, but I hope that the woman got the result she wanted, positive or negative.

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