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A Very Special Brain

| Friendly | April 19, 2017

(My roommate is diagnosed with brain cancer, and given two years. He immediately adopts an attitude of complete denial, because it won’t make any difference in how long he has, but it certainly improves his outlook on life. He does do the radiation/chemo stuff, though. He makes it his goal to make the nurses at the radiation center laugh at least once every time he is there, since they get little opportunity to do so. He takes great pride in generally succeeding. One day, however, he comes home beaming with pride at having come up with one they’d never heard before:)

Friend: “I wasn’t really worried, until I was in the operating room, and the surgeon came in with an ice cream scoop and a squeeze bottle of chocolate.”

(He said the nurse was entirely grossed out — and immediately ran off to tell all the other nurses. They loved him. (He beat the diagnosis by six months.))

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