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A Very Saucy Story

| Friendly | December 28, 2015

(I am on a bus heading home from work. On the opposite seat from me is an attractive 20-something lady, who is talking on her phone. I am trying to read, and trying – and failing – not to eavesdrop.)

Lady: “So last weekend, I made myself some spaghetti bolognese for dinner. And then went to the pub. I must have had a lot to drink… Well, I don’t really remember coming home… Yeah, I woke up in bed… and I must have taken the leftover pasta with me… I had fallen asleep with it, and woke up naked, with pasta sauce all down my front!”

(At this point, although I tried to, I couldn’t completely stifle a laugh…)

Lady: “…and I think I just amused some guy on the bus!”

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