A Very Plane Teaching Method

| Learning | December 9, 2015

(Our math teacher is explaining to us what coplanar means: that two or more objects are on the same plane.)

Teacher: *holds up two pieces of paper* “We can all agree that these two papers are both planes, right?”

Class: “Yes!”

Teacher: *points to whiteboard* “We can all agree that the whiteboard is a plane too, right?”

Class: “Yes!”

Teacher: *puts papers on whiteboard* “Okay, so now any points on both of these two planes are now coplanar because they are on the same plane, right?”

Class: “Yes!”

Student #1: “So we have two planes on a plane?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Me: *referring to the fact that both papers are blank* “So we also have two plain planes on a plane?”

Teacher: “Yes, and if you fold those two planes a certain way, you would have two flying planes.”

Student #2: “Now that’s just plain funny!”

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