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A Very Micro Course

| Learning | June 23, 2015

(I’m taking an introductory course to Microsoft Office as part of my computer science program. On our first day, the teacher hands out a one-page list of assignments to each student; all simple things like “write out this sample text and format it correctly” and “use a spreadsheet to add up this sales information”. It’s a very short list, and all fairly easy stuff. After about half an hour, I finish the work, move it to the shared ‘Submissions’ folder, and return the sheet to the teacher.)

Teacher: “Yes?”

Me: “I’m finished all the work. Here’s the assignment list.”

Teacher: *stares at me with an utterly bewildered look*

Me: “Sir? Was I not supposed to hand this back?”

Teacher: “…This was your schoolwork for the rest of the week.”

Me: “What?!”

(Since I had apparently finished my work for the rest of the week with an hour of class left, I just played games on the Internet. The teacher spent the rest of the period trying to come up with more things for me to do. By the time half the class had handed in the assignments, he was really scrambling!)

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