A Very Layered Search

| Hartford, CT, USA | Friendly | June 24, 2014

(I and a bunch of friends are in a hotel room getting ready to attend an anime and gaming convention. One friend is notoriously bad at saving money, yet has managed to restrain himself and save several hundred dollars for this weekend.)

Friend #1: “Guys, help me find my wallet!”

Friend #2: “You mean the wallet with all your money in it?!”

Friend #1: “YES, that wallet! I swear I had it when I went to sleep!”

(We practically tear the hotel room apart, but find nothing.)

Me: “Where did you last have it?”

Friend #1: “In my pants pocket.”

Me: “Is it there now?”

Friend #1: “No.”

Friend #2: “Is it in your other pants?”

Friend #1: “No…”

Friend #2: “Is it in your other, other pants?”

(Friend #1 thinks a moment, and then takes off his pants to reveal another pair of pants underneath.)

Friend #1: *checks pockets* “…yes.”

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