A Very Lacy Faire Attitude

, , , , | Working | December 19, 2018

(My girlfriend and I decide to check out a higher-priced lingerie store, hoping they carry something we’ll like. We are both in our twenties, but never mention that we are together, so the employee might have assumed I’m just a friend, not necessarily her boyfriend.)

Employee: “Hi there. Are you looking for something in particular?”

Me: “Hi. We just wanted to look around, but we’re interested in regular bras. The type that isn’t lacy, just plain and hopefully with some kind of pattern or in some fancy color.”

Employee: “Um… I’m afraid we don’t really have this kind of bra. Why don’t you like lacy ones?”

Girlfriend: “Well, it’s just a preference. I like the non-lacy ones more.”

Me: “Me, too.”

(Some discussion and product examples later:)

Employee: “But, you know, the lacy ones are sexy and feminine. You would want to stay new and interesting for men.”

(We look at each other and I laugh nervously.)

Me: “Yeah. I guess we’re out of luck here. Thanks and bye.”

(This woman, herself in her twenties, could have come straight out of a 1950s-style commercial. My girlfriend and I still joke about it, like her saying, “But I want to stay interesting for men,” when she likes some new clothing item.)

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