A Very Conflicting Sport

| Friendly | January 25, 2016

(My dad and I are attending an NBA game near our house. However, we are not rooting for the home team as we have moved from another city and are there to cheer on that city’s team. At this game, the arena is having a special event. If one of the home team’s players, who is famous for his three-point shots, makes a three-pointer, they will donate a malaria net to a country in need. Of course, I don’t want this player to make any shots because I want my team to win.)

Me: *as this player goes to make a three-pointer* “Come on, block it! Defense!”

(My team blocks him and my dad and I cheer.)

Me: “Um, Dad, I think we just cheered for a country not getting a malaria net…”

(For the rest of the game we felt really conflicted when that player took a shot.)

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