A Veritable Buffet Of Bad Behavior

| Friendly | January 28, 2016

(Three friends and I go out for dinner while home from college. The check comes back split into two, the restaurant can’t split more than two ways. As such, we split each check between two people. Friend #1 and I are splitting a check, and Friends #2 and #3 the other.)

Me: “I have $15, which will cover my half, but only leaves $2 to tip. Could I pay you back tomorrow for the extra $1?”

Friend #1: “You’re tipping 20%? This is a buffet. You should only tip 5 to 10%.”

Me: “Okay… I guess.”

(I put down my spare $2 on the table, not sure what else to do and not being comfortable forcing my friend to lend me money. Friend #1 gets up to deliver the check to the front, at which point I realize she hasn’t left any tip, having decided that my $2 was enough on a $30 bill.)

Friend #3: “Is that your tip?”

Me: “Yeah, but [Friend #1] thinks it’s too much…”

(Friend #3 doesn’t respond, and now I’m more anxious about the poor tipping because I think Friend #3 is judging me. That is, until get into the car…)

Friend #3: *holding something in her hands*

Me: “What is that?”

Friend #3: “I took your tip.”

Me: “What?”

Friend #3: “Yeah, [Friend #4] shorted me, and [Friend #1] said you were over tipping, so I took it to make up what’s owed me.”

Me: “First of all, if [Friend #4] owes you money, then taking MY money isn’t fixing that. Second of all, that’s the only tip from our check! Now [Friend #1] and I haven’t tipped at all!”

Friend #3: “It’s a buffet! They don’t do anything. Why do they deserve a tip?”

Me: “Just give me my $2 back. I’m not arguing about this.”

Friend #1: “Jesus, [Friend #3], give her her money back. Argue with [Friend #4] if you guys split the check wrong.”

(Friend #3 eventually gave the money back to me, Friend #4 silent the entire time. I went back the next day on my own, and gave $10 to the cashier and explained the situation. He added it to the tip pool for that night. Friend #3 and I don’t really talk any more.)

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