A Venomous Reaction

| Friendly | March 6, 2015

(I am waiting for the bus right in front of my old high school. I’m wearing a Venom hoodie, a power symbol necklace and 1-UP mushroom earrings. A teen with a couple friends come out of the school as it let out fairly recently.)

Teen: “You know wearing a Spawn hoodie doesn’t make you a real geek, right?”

Me: “Venom.”

Teen: “What?”

Me: “It’s Venom, not Spawn.”

Teen’s Friends: *laughing* “You got told!”

Teen: “Whatever, still not a geek. I’m gonna find your classes and show up just to piss you off now!”

Me: “Unless you can time travel, good luck with that. I graduated in 2005.”

(His friends told him to leave me alone amid their laughing while they all wandered off. I know I look young, but still…)

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