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A Van Man With A Plan

| Right | April 9, 2017

(On my way back to the break room, I see an older lady looking very befuddled out the front door.)

Me: “Is something the matter, ma’am?”

Older Lady: “Hmm, yes, is that allowed?”

(She points out the door. I see that a large van parked on the ramp that leads up to the front of the store.)

Me: “No, it is not.”

(I walk to the car and see that a man, who must be in his 80s, is on the phone, and has a giant head wound that is bleeding and has been bandaged with duct tape.)

Me: “Sir, I need you to move your car… Er, better yet, maybe you shouldn’t be driving at all.”

Older Man: *ignores me and instead starts speaking louder on the phone* “I need to write down all of this. You want me to get what and what?!”

Me: “Sir, please! You need to get out of the car so we can assist you!”

Older Man: *finally turning to me* “You want me to move?!”

Me: “Yes!”

Older Man: “All right, I’ll park somewhere else!” *goes back to phone conversation*

Me: “Uh, sir…”


(I do not like being yelled at and I know I’m not good at holding my tongue, so I decide it’s best for my boss to talk to him and go on break. Later the man comes up to the check stand with one single drink.)

Older Man: “You lot didn’t have what I needed.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, what were you looking for?”

Older Man: *starts to mutter* “YOU NEED TO HAVE MORE STUFF!”

(He then proceeded to hobble out on a slightly broken cane. I tried to convince my boss otherwise, but he decided that the elder, disoriented, clearly concussed man would be just fine on the road.)

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