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A Vacuum Of Sales

, | Working | May 13, 2014

(My husband and I stop at the local mall where we pass a vacuum demonstration at one of the kiosks. We walk by just as the demonstration ends and one of the demonstrators stops us.)

Demonstrator: “So, what do you think?”

Me: “It’s very nice, but we actually don’t need a vacuum.”

Demonstrator: “You already have one?”

Me: “Well, we have a stick vacuum, but we don’t have carpeting.”

Demonstrator: “You don’t have floors?!”

Me: “Oh, no. We have hardwood and marble in the bathroom.”

Demonstrator: “So, you don’t have any carpeting?”

Me: “No, just hardwood and marble.”

Demonstrator: “Do you have dirt floors?!”

Me: “No… we have hardwood floors.”

Demonstrator: “… Your floors are made of wood?!”

Husband: “We already have a vacuum.”

Demonstrator: “Ooooh, I see. Have a good day!”

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