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A Uniform Response, Part 4

, , | Learning | October 12, 2020

My kid’s school tells the students they are not allowed to take off sweaters and blazers on the way home, no matter the heat.

Me: “Why is this the rule?”

School: “Because  whilst in uniform they are representing the school.”

One day my son is set upon by several of his peers to steal his watch. Fortunately, my friend sees and lets me know. I go out there and read the riot act, get his watch back and complain to the school.

School: “We have no jurisdiction, as they are off school property and out of school hours.”

Me: “They were seen, by a friend whose son is about to start at the high school in a few months. If you have no control over these kids’ behaviour my son is going to remove his blazer, sweater, and tie for his two-mile walk home the second he leaves school property. You can’t have it both ways.”

My son didn’t wear his uniform home for the rest of the summer.

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