A Uniform Response Isn’t Possible

| Friendly | August 29, 2014

(I’m a customer browsing in the DVD section of a store. I give an exclamation of surprise when I find a recent movie on the shelf; As I take it down, a middle aged man shorter than myself grabs it and puts it back.)

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “You don’t want that! That’s crap! It’s American crap!”

Me: “Actually, it’s an Australian movie—”

Customer: “No, it isn’t! Look at the uniform on the cover! That’s an American uniform! Are you too thick to know those ‘crims’ when you see them?”

Me:“Well, it’s got American soldiers in it, but it’s all Australian. Must have a good costuming department I guess.”

Customer: *grumbles* “Aussies, eh? I worked for eight years in Australia. THEY aren’t as good as they think they are! Like the Yanks, we are better than both of them. Man for man – we could knock ’em over, you know! *walks away laughing* “And one day we WILL!”

(I look after him, then at the movie in question, and am struck by the irony that the film is the Nazi victory SF epic ‘THE 25TH REICH.’)

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