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A Unification Of Celebrations

, | Friendly | December 15, 2014

(I’m not much of party animal, but my friends of eight years convince me to have a birthday party. With the help of my friends, the owner of the pub and his wife (who bakes a big cake), I prepare everything and send out the invitations. My birthday falls on the same day as St. Patrick’s Day which is NOT commonly celebrated in my country. Unification Day of Italy is on the same day. Everything is going well till this moment…)

Friend: “Okay, guys! Now is time for the toast!  Er, let me wish you… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

(Everyone joins him except for me and the owner’s wife, who goes pale. We are silent and confused.)

Friend: “Let’s cut the cake!”

(Thanks to the cake it’s quiet because everyone is eating.)

Friend: *turns to me* “Hey, isn’t your birthday soon? When will you have a birthday party?”

Me: “…THIS is my birthday party.”

(Everyone goes pale, some look embarrassed, and some drop their forks.)

Owner: “Well, since your family wished you happy birthday, and your… acquaintances wished you happy St. Patrick’s Day, I, as your friend, wish you happy Unification Day of Italy.”

(After that every year I got ‘anonymous’ “Happy Unification Day of Italy” cards!)

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