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A Two Too Much, Part 2

, , , , | Right | September 2, 2020

I work in a deli/convenience store where you have to order your sandwich on a touch-screen. Some customers get confused about this, especially if they’re not from the area, so I’m used to coming around to help.

Customer: “How do I order two of the same sandwich?”

Me: “You have to order it on the screen. Pick lunch and dinner.”

Customer: “But how do I order two?”

Me: “I’m getting there. Do you want a hot or cold hoagie?”

Customer: “I want two.”

Me: “You can change the quantity at the end but you need to pick what kind of hoagie you want first.”

Customer: *Picks cold hoagies* “How do I get two?”

Me: “What kind of meat do you want sir?”

Customer: *Picks Italian* “How do I get two?”

Me: “We’re almost there. Just pick the toppings you want.”

Customer: *Picks toppings* “How do I get two?”

Me: “Hit ‘update quantity.’”

The customer hits update quantity and buttons with numbers appear.

Customer: “How do I get two?”

Me: “Just hit the two.”

The customer hits the four and completes the order.

Me: “Okay, sir, you can pay with your slip at the front.”

Customer: “Thank you!”

The customer goes to pay. I go to the deli and make the four sandwiches he ordered. I call his order number when they are ready, placing the sandwiches on the counter.

Customer: “Why the f*** are there four sandwiches? I wanted two!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but you ordered four and paid for four, so that’s what I had to make.”

Customer: “Well, you did a terrible job of telling me how to get two sandwiches if I ended up with four!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. But you paid for four sandwiches so these are all yours.”

Customer: “Well, I only want two!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir.”

I start buzzing for the manager.

Me: “We can give you a refund on two of them if you want.”

Customer: “No, forget it. The cashier is probably just as f****** stupid as you are!”

He took two of the sandwiches and stormed out.

A Two Too Much

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