A Transfer Of Opinion

| Working | September 25, 2013

(My colleague is a very nice, bright, helpful, hardworking person who is the favorite of the boss. She has been recently granted a transfer to another department that she has wanted to be in ever since she started working at my company.)

Colleague: “Hi [Boss], I’ve been approved for a transfer to another department. As you know, I’ve been quite open about working in that department and have asked for a transfer a year ago already.”

Boss: “Okay, okay, when is your last day?”

Colleague: “A month from now.”

Boss: “Okay, I’ll be sad to see you leave.”

(Fast forward a month and a week later. My colleague has been working until after 10 pm daily, and has been coming back on weekends to clear her workload. She has no time to pack her things until her last day, as my boss keeps giving her new projects to handle all the way to the last day, and most of them require months of work to complete. My colleague has to hand over these projects to Colleague #2, on the last day.)

Boss: “[Colleague #2], why are you doing this work? I thought it was supposed to be done by [Colleague].”

Colleague #2: “Well, she has gone to another department, so she handed all these to me before she left.”

Boss: “How dare she! That is so irresponsible! I knew I shouldn’t have taken her into my department. She is so unreliable, and has a bad working attitude! Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

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