A Train(er) Wreck

| Learning | May 22, 2014

(I’m teaching about my specialist subject. It’s pretty complicated so the training is as basic as possible, mostly pictures. At the end…)

Coworker: “You know, you did pretty well.”

Me: “Oh, really? Thanks. I didn’t know if I was going too fast and losing people.”

Coworker: “Well, not for me. I have had 20 years experience doing this and have trained dozens of people, so it was easy for me.”

Me: “Oh, wow, really?! That’s way more than I’ve had. I’m surprised that you didn’t give the training.”

Coworker: “Oh… er, well, no. It was good for you to do it. You need the experience.”

(Later in the week, I repeat the course for another group; oddly my coworker sits in again. About 10 minutes in, I get an urgent phone-call from my manager.)

Me: “Sorry, everyone, I have to take this. [Coworker] knows the subject better than I do and can lead you through the rest of the slides.”

(It takes longer than I expect. I return five minutes before the end to find my coworker missing and the classroom full.)

Me: “Er, how did it go? Where is [Coworker]?”

Student #1: “She didn’t know what she was on about. When I questioned her, she went to get some book to prove me wrong.”

Student #2: “That was 15 minutes ago.”

(I excused the students and went to see what happened. It turned out she went for lunch and then didn’t come back.)

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