A Touching Friendship

| Romantic | July 20, 2013

(My boyfriend, his male best friend and I are all at a party. My boyfriend’s best friend has this habit of trying to grab my boyfriend inappropriately. My boyfriend hates it, but everyone else thinks it’s hilarious.)

Boyfriend’s Friend: “Hey.” *reaches for my boyfriend’s right leg*

Boyfriend: “Hey, stop!”

(My boyfriend calls to me.)

Boyfriend: “Help!”

Me: “[Friend’s name], come over here; I have to tell you something.”

Boyfriend’s Friend: “What’s that?”

Me: “Just this once, you really should stop.”

Boyfriend’s Friend: “Why?”

Me: “Because, you’re going for the wrong leg. He keeps ‘it’ in his left pant leg.”

Boyfriend’s Friend: “Thanks! You’re the best!”

Boyfriend: “WHAT THE H***?! I told you to help!”

Me: “You never specified who to help.”

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