A Total Eclipse Of Heavy Metal

| Romantic | February 10, 2015

(My crush, my best friend, and I are sitting together at lunch. My crush is known for being into heavy metal and horror stuff, but my best friend and I are part of the few that know he’s got a sappy, sensitive side too. I catch him staring at me.)

Me: “…what?”

Crush: “Your eyes are really bright.”


Crush: “Er… which is good, because I can see my reflection in them. I can see how handsome I am.”

Best Friend: “You’re so vain.”

Crush: “Oh? Let’s see if I can see my reflection in your eyes, too. Maybe I can stare into your soul and put a curse on you.”

Me: *chuckling* “Stop trying to salvage your male pride. It’s not working. That bright-eyes comment was sappy and we all know it.”

(He grinned mischievously, acknowledging defeat.)

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