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A Total Cluster-Pluck

| Learning | May 9, 2016

(I am performing in a college theatrical production. I am an alumna of the college, but most of the cast is made up of current students. Because it’s an educational program, we learn many vocal warm ups to help with our pronunciation and consonants, such as the following.)

Cast: “I am a mother pheasant plucker. I am the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker to ever pluck a mother pheasant.”

(Obviously, this one can go wrong very quickly without concentration. For one cast member, this is his first-ever show, and he is having trouble with some lines in one scene and is getting really frustrated.)

Actor: *messes up lines*

Director: “That’s all right, just try it again.”

Actor: *messes up again, then yells* “MOTHER PHEASANT!”

Cast: *bursts out laughing*

(For the rest of the rehearsal process, “mother pheasant” becomes our new favorite swear.)

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