A Total Basket Case

| Working | March 29, 2014

(My family and I decide to stop at a moon pie store.  They are running a special: 12 mini moon pies from a bushel basket of assorted flavors with a specialty commemorative box purchase.  It seems like a good deal, but the bushel basket is running low on the chocolate ones.  There are a lot of full cardboard boxes next to the basket (12 to a box), so I pick up one of the chocolate full boxes and carry it with the commemorative box to the counter.)

Me: “Since the basket is running low and I want all chocolate, can I just take the full cardboard box and empty commemorative box for the deal price?”

Clerk: “No, the mini pies need to come from the basket.”

Me: “Yes, but there aren’t 12 chocolate pies in the basket.”

(The clerk then proceeds to take the cardboard box from my hand, open it, and then dump it in the basket.)

Clerk: “There, there are now there are enough in the basket.”

Me:  *facepalm*

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