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A Top-Heavy Performance

| Friendly | December 11, 2015

(I and the rest of the community theater cast have just finished performing and are all standing in a line by the exit, so the audience can speak to us on the way out if they choose. Amongst the usual congratulations, I get this very strange interaction… For the sake of the story, it should be noted that I am female and am naturally well endowed.)

Audience Member: “You all did wonderful tonight!”

Me: “Thank you!”

Audience Member: “So, what are they made of?”

Me: “Huh?”

Audience Member: *gestures to her upper body* “You know, what are they made of?”

Me: *looks down at my costume, then back up* “You mean my dress?”

Audience Member: “No, your fake boobs.”

Me: *stares in shocked confusion*

Audience Member: “It’s just, how do you get them so round?”

(Having no idea how to respond to this comment, I continue to stare at her in complete befuddlement. After a few moments she seems to take the hint and leaves. I turn to the young male cast member next to me.)

Me: “That was really awkward.”

Cast Member: “Yup.”

(I’m still debating whether or not I should take her assumption as a compliment or an insult.)

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